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Knowledge Centre

1. Property Market
Research, report and information related to local property market to keep you update.

a) Property Market to Continue Strong Growth Within This Coming 10 Years

2. Economic & Financial
Financial services events and economic reports to keep you updated on the impact on local economy

a) Analysis Industrial Lots Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

3. International Market
Reports and News to keep you updated on the impacts of unfolding financial services events on global economies, business, and real estate markets

a) Square Metre Prices: Malaysia Compared to Continent

4. General
Useful information and reports related to real estate market

a) Bank Auction : LACA & Non-LACA Table
b) Eviction Order
c) Why do I need to pay so much?
Palm Spring @ Damansara.
Accessibility to Kota Damansara is granted by Persiaran Surian which goes through Mutiara Damansara leading ...
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In the bustling and thriving hub that is Brickfields emerges a 23 low density storey condo that many call home. 189 units in total,Scott Sentral lies...

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