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About Us

The Asian real estate market is considered to be most complex as compared to other markets in the world. Unique supply and demand forces, imperfect market condition, coupled with restrictive legislation, make it unlike any other markets in the world. This complexity demands specialized real estate services.

Janahome is established in Asia to fill this gap of complexity demands with new ideas and strategies to provide real estate services and solutions to both individual and corporate clients. We are an independent property consultants and real estate service provider helping clients create wealth safely by acquiring, marketing, managing their properties to achieve maximum return.

With a winning and specialized team, our aim is simple; to assist all property investors and owners reach their individual property goals and targets with knowledge, structure and strategy.

Whether you are a property owner, property developer, a beginning investor or a seasoned pro, please contact us for further information about how our range of real estate services and independent advice able to address your needs and requirements.

To find out more about us, please click here to contact us. We will contact you to discuss your needs and requirements.

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