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Development Consultancy

Development Consultancy allows Janahome to work closely with property developers and investors to investigate the feasibility of development projects and maximize investment returns, advising on all aspects of a development from building specifications and design to target market and likely future income streams. The services include:

       •    determination of highest and best use
       •    industry analysis and competitive market positioning market
       •    marketing strategy
       •    concept validation and recommendation
       •    financial feasibility

Development Consultancy

Research and Analysis

Research & Analysis measures and evaluates current and projected economic and market conditions impacting real estate, thereby enabling clients to manage their risks and take advantage of future opportunities.

In an emerging market like Asia Pacific, reliable property market information is not readily available, and therefore Janahome is committed to the collection of high quality base data, assembling detailed statistics for the major Asia Pacific markets on a regular basis. This commitment to quality research provides a strong foundation for all of our consultancy services.

       •    demographic and economic analysis 
       •    property market surveys 
       •    location analysis


Tenant Representation

Both our commercial and residential tenant representation service acts solely on behalf of the tenant and their interests to determine and implement the most  cost-optimal, business need driven real estate solutions. Our process relies on gaining a detailed understanding of the tenant's business needs, identifying a shortlist of potential properties, and ultimately negotiating with one or more suitable properties. For each property we are able to provide full independent location analysis, qualitative and financial analysis to ensure that the tenant has all relevant information to make well-informed and cost effective decisions. The services include:

       •    Location analysis
       •    Space planning
       •    Site selection & feasibility study
       •    Financial Analysis
       •    Negotiation strategies & negotiations on pricing and
             terms & conditions
       •    Lease renegotiations/restructuring
       •    Coordination with real estate agent on the lease

Landlord/Vendor Representation

At Janahome, we do not only work with individuals and corporations seeking real estate solutions, but we also have a team dedicated solely to working with and representing vendors and landlords. Our Landlord/Vendor Representation Services are aimed at enhancing asset value for building owners through maximizing rental values, occupancy levels and tenant quality. Our services run through the entire development cycle from initial concept and project feasibility to the leasing or sale of the completed product and beyond.

We address the marketing and sales requirements of our clients. Offering sales strategy advice, price setting and commencement date information, we strive to ensure that our clients' projects are most efficiently, accurately and effectively positioned in the market place. We work closely with our clients to plan all advertising and media issues, including budgets, publication content, style and release date. We operate an on-site leasing office on behalf of our clients, and coordinate all promotional activities to entice potential purchasers to view a project ahead of completion date. We will assist in the signing of all leasing agreements with tenants and will assist in ensuring timely rental collection.

       •    advising on development concept and strategy
       •    positioning project competitively in the market place
       •    creating customized marketing strategies and tools
       •    leasing & sale strategies
       •    ongoing advice on value and demand on a dynamic basis
       •    managing all the steps associated with the sale
             or leasing process to ensure strategy consistency

Property Management

At Janahome, we help you build your wealth by offering you the best property management service available. We lease and manage both residential and commercial properties in Kuala Lumpur and major townships in Selangor. We are planning to include other major cities in Malaysia as our service areas. We look after your property the way we look after our own, using our professional skills and the latest technology to find quality tenants, minimize vacancies and handle marketing, repairs, maintenance, accounting and legal compliance efficiently and cost effectively. To us, you deserve a property manager who cares as much about your property as you do.

Our services include:

  •    Timely collection of rental payments
  •    Direct banking into your bank account (immediately cleared
       funds for you)
  •    Rental statements detailing income and expenditure by email
  •    Payment of your property expenses. e.g. local authorities rates
       and taxes, utilities rates, service maintenance fees, insurances,
  •    Regular programmed property inspections with reports and
  •    Recommendations on property improvement to maximize returns
  •    Assessing market rents to maximize your return
  •    Annual financial statement to assist with your tax return
  •    Preparing of lease documentation, ensuring all legal
       requirements are met
  •    Arranging maintenance and quotes from reliable suppliers and
  •    Organizing property renovation or refurbishment


Project Marketing

Our project marketing is focused on maximizing returns for client by providing a comprehensive marketing management process covering every aspect of the project from organizing the marketing planning process, analyzing market opportunities, selecting target markets, developing marketing mix and managing the marketing effort.

A real understanding of both the property market and the needs of the end user are the cornerstones to successful property marketing. Our project marketing team consists of appointed and panel of real estate agencies that have huge customer database. Diversity of our panel of real estate agencies is our strength with each real estate agent specialized in different market segments, and focus in different properties areas and types. We act as the SPOC for Property Seller or Developer in dealing with marketing agents and partners.  Our dedicated marketing team has marketed close to RM50millions worth of project sales in the last 3 years. Our core services:

       •    Design and layout recommendations
       •    Competitor Analysis
       •    Pricing Recommendations
       •    Access to our network of clients
       •    Tailored marketing plans and campaigns
       •    Concise market feedback throughout the project
       •    Implementation and execution of sales
            negotiations and contracts
       •    Management of prospects and customers database.


Real Estate Investment, Negotiation, Sale & Marketing Trainings

We believe knowledge and education in real estate is the key success factor in real estate investment and business. Continuous effort in pursuing current and relevant knowledge and skills in this area through proper trainings and educational programs are important and effective ways to be successful in real estate investment and business.

We have training and educational programs for both property owners and property investors to learn more about how to invest and manage profitable properties. As part of our continuous effort to ensure our sales and marketing teams to be more relevant and effective to provide best sales and marketing strategies and solutions to our clients, we provide customized sales and marketing trainings to our appointed and panel of real estate agencies and sales and marketing partners.

Bank Auction Training

We provide bank auction training in guiding you how to bid and invest bank auction properties in most profitable and cost effective ways with minimum risk incurred in expenses, time and effort.

We will teach you how to utilise data and input from banks, auctioneers, solicitors, local authorities and property market and turn them into useful information for your final decision making whether to bid and invest in bank auction properties. Uncertainties and hidden costs and expenses will be more manageable for you to measure and quantify in your bank auction property investment.

We also train you to be our business partner in bank auction sale & marketing. You will find a new avenue to make extra income in addition to your investment in bank auction property

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